We know how much hard work goes into preparing for a show and at this spooky time of year it’s better to be prepared against any horrors. To help you scare away any pre-show panic, we have compiled some “terrifying” top tips to help you stay organized before you get to the show.

Once you’ve booked your space (and contacted us)… Decide what it is that you’re promoting. You may have a new product or service you’re looking to show off. You may simply want to increase sales, brand awareness, or grow your client base but it’s imperative to set goals for the event.

Know your deadlines. There’s nothing more frightful than forgetting to submit information to the organizers and being left with added surcharges or show site rates. After booking your booth space you should receive further information so read it through thoroughly and make yourself aware of any key dates. Here at ASI, we’re able to help you with any questions you may have.

Marketing? Yes, you’ll want to market yourself. By booking a stand space early, you may be included in promotional material from the organizers, so that’s a great start! Send out invitations to attendees, your customers and clients telling them you’ll be at the show and where to find you. Set up your website to include information about the show and keep your social media pages up to date with the latest information.

Are you bringing anything? If you are, make sure you’re prepared. If brochures need to be printed or you need to brand some promotional gifts, make sure you allow a lead time for this to get done. If you’re bringing samples, make sure they’re display-ready. If you’re not able to bring any of this to the show yourself, let us know and we’ll work with you to ensure safe delivery of your items.  

Who are you bringing? Ensuring you have the best onsite staff will make a huge difference! Make sure they know the products and services that you offer. Perhaps set goals for your team, like making more sales or securing new customers, so they’re always working on pushing your brand. If everyone is wearing branded polos or t-shirts, make sure they’re all prepared and will represent you, your product and your brand. #SquadGhouls

Are hotels and travel “boo”-ked?? The earlier you book a hotel and travel, the better rates you’ll get. The main event website will likely recommend hotels and travel to the show and may even include a reduced rate for visitors and exhibitors to the show – always check there first! Rooms will fill up quickly the closer it comes to the show, so get something before prices go up! If you’re traveling on a budget, consider websites which might offer local hotels at a lower cost. But take caution, it’s unlikely that they will be connected to specific events associated with the show and may be on the bus route. 

Finally, achieve a spook-tacular event by making sure you’re working with ASI Displays. Wishing you all a fang-tastic Halloween!