Here at ASI headquarters, we are always looking at developing trends in the exhibition industry. Technologies and exhibiting styles are continually growing and we want to make sure that you are keeping up-to-date with everything. Equally, we want to ensure you are able to make the most of the hot new trends. We’ve compiled a small list of things we’re already seeing on the on the exhibition floor and some which will continue to grow over the next few years.


Maximizing involvement with new and existing clients is a crucial part of exhibiting your brand at shows. There are countless ways this can be done and we’ve suggested a few which we think will become increasingly more popular.

Double tap that. Appealing to attendees’ sense of fun is a great way to spread a brand message and make companies visible in face-to-face & online marketing. This is true not only on the trade show floor, but especially in a time of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Social apps will only become more prevalent in the next few years so creating ‘social media moments’ is the best way to be part of the trend. Connecting each moment to your booth by incorporating logos, hashtags and branding into creative backgrounds, cut-outs, bold images and even some props. Visitors will love having their photo taken with a mascot or flower wall and consequently will be more likely to share it online. It’s about making it fun!

Demonstrate it. You’ve got a great product and you want to show it off at the next big event, but allowing people to see may not be enough anymore. Giving light-hearted, informative demonstrations is a great way of showing your product. Even allowing guests on stage to get involved with an audience creates a memorable experience and consequently opens them up to conversation. Technology is becoming more cost efficient so we’re likely to see more demonstrations with large format screens, projection mapping, gaming devices or VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality). These interactive experiences may seem like a gimmick but they give the sales team time to make their pitch while the guests are able to experience the products in an informal and fun way.

The Great Giveaway. There was a time when a free branded pen or flash drive were enough to garner some interest but times have changed. Now people are more interested in something they can really use and will benefit them. You’re more likely to see branded tote bags, water bottles and battery packs as giveaways. As an exhibitor, it’s now possible to customize giveaways on the booth which makes a brand more appealing – It demonstrates speed, quality and an ability to be customer focused. Giveaways can also be used as a method of data capture, for example, the attendees’ pass could be scanned before giving away free merchandise. This allows for a huge amount of data to be collected with new leads while offering satisfied customers a lasting impression.

Make yourself at home.

With exhibitors wanting to catch attention from every angle, it can create a sensory overload for visitors. We’re predicting a more welcoming approach through lounge seating and inviting environments for attendees to relax and escape the noise on the show floor. This can be achieved through soft furnishings, warm lighting, offering light snacks and perhaps a quick beverage, while also engaging in light conversation or a place to recharge themselves and their devices. Integrated charging units can now be built into armchairs, sofas and tables which can draw people onto your booth. By creating such a space, you can provide a much needed break, so expect to see more of these on the show floor


Recent times have shown us all how much people value reusability. In the coming years we can expect to see an increase in modular booths and sustainable materials within the booth construction. This can lead to lightweight booths, faster build-up/break-down times, and lower cost of labor which make transportation and handling easier. In the long term, this shift in methods will reduce the cost to exhibitors while also offering lasting, sustainable solutions. Meanwhile, here at ASI we aim to recycle and are continually designing and working with modular elements to appear as custom as possible so the visual impact to you is never lost.

Customer Focused

Ultimately, most of the trends which we will see over the coming year will be about making booths customer friendly and center on the guests’ needs. Many visitors to trade shows and events will travel a long way to see the show and will be overloaded with information, so when they visit your booth, make it worth their while and focus on them.

We are experts in delivering outstanding exhibitions and experiences to our clients. If you’re interested in exhibiting or are looking to create a unique brand experience, please contact us.